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Une section bilingue anglais dès le CP

Du CP au CE2, les anglophones profitent de 3 heures de cours en langue anglaise puis de 6 heures de cours du CM1 au CM2. Cette section se poursuit au collège.
Michelle Bennani-Smires (d'orgine américaine) enseigne dans cette section bilingue au primaire le mardi et le jeudi.

The Bilingual Section offers bilingual and bicultural education from the CP through the 3ème (approximately ages 6 through 14) for children who are bilingual English-French either from English-speaking parents or from having lived abroad.

Our teachers are native-speakers who are qualified and experienced in teaching English as a second language and in anglo-saxon teaching approaches.

Students benefit from :

  • the opportunity to progress in English with coursework and materials equivalent to that of students their age in an English-speaking country
  • small class size maximizing individual attention and opportunity to participate
  • an Anglophone learning environment
  • special events and activities organised throughout the year to emphasize the muti-cultural aspect of our school
  • a program that is integrated into the French school system alongside the complete curriculum of the Education Nationale The Bilingual Section celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2012 and the festivities  included the viewing of the student film project, an all-section family picnic and a birthday party with the bilingual students’ classmates. The Bilingual Section was also honoured at the school’s annual kermesse in June.


The primary school offers English Language Arts for bilingual children from the CP level through CM2.
It is a progressive, comprehensive program that focuses on teaching students to read and write in English, as well as develop and strengthen their speaking skills.
The CP and CE1 students have two hours per week, and the CE2 have three hours per week of develop-mentally appropriate English literacy skills work, using whole language, language experience and literature-based activities.
The students of CM1 and CM2 have six hours of English instruction per week. In these classes, the students read at grade level and have a strong foundation in English writing skills.
Novels, informational texts, poetry and drama are the basis of most activities.
Students explore several genres of writing, while developing formal spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. Students also participate in many activities based on Anglophone culture and history.